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The MorF DVD "primitive reflections twisted from sound" will hit the streets on February the 2nd 2004. It is an amazing 3 hour surround sound journey through a fantasy world consisting of music videos. Daniel and Patrick delivered 5.1 surround sound mixing and matching visuals. It results in 26 music videos all made specifically for the DVD, and all optimized for the latest in home entertainment. The DVD features: 16 tracks in Index Play mode and 26 tracks in Interactive Play mode for a total running time of 180 minutes (3 hours). All tracks are REMIXED versions of previously released MALE OR FEMALE material and will remain EXCLUSIVE (in these versions) to this release. The CD is a 8 tracks continous mix.(31/12/03)

More details regarding the reissue of the classic "Geography"... The album will be remastered as the original edition – and for those wanting more 242, a limited 2CD digipack edition will also be available. Instead of just remastering the vintage recordings, Front242 have chosen to completely re-assemble the "Geography" recordings using each track from the original tapes and remixing them with current technology while staying faithful to the spirit of the original versions. As would be expected, such intensive extra studio work has pushed the release date back to February/March 2004, both Daniel Bressanutti and Patrick Codenys having just returned from their Male Or Female North American tour and from FRONT 242 gigs in South America. In the meantime it's now confirmed that the original "Geography" album will be released with its original tracklisting and a bonus track "He runs too fast for us" which did not make it on the original LP back in the early eighties – this track was supposed to be released soon after, but wasn’t, until now. To be included on the second bonus disc of the limited edition, are early previously unreleased tracks, demo's, try-outs, versions... in short: material which constitutes the layers on which FRONT 242 was constructed. More about this soon.(27/11/03)

The release date for the Male Or Female's visually and sonically astounding dvd is approaching. It will be released through dance.com and marketed in Europe in collaboration with Alfa Matrix. Expect the high quality standard that began with the highly successful SPEED TRIBE project.(27/11/03)

The news is official! In collaboration with Alfa Matrix, Art & Strategy will now re-release “Geography”. To accentuate this event, the stunning debut album will be packaged in the form of a spectacular 2CD edition digipak set! Disc One holds a completely remastered version (by Daniel B. himself) of the original album. Disc Two is full of special extra's and previously unreleased material taken from the original multi-track recordings for Endless Riddance, the band's first singles and some very early recordings. And the vintage re-release efforts have only just begun... Release dates, and more information as soon as I get them! (09/10/03)

The Pulse 242 Tour is postponed to early 2004. More information asap! (09/10/03)

More info on the MorF DVD coming fall 2003. The release "primitive reflections twisted in sound" (DVD + CD) is a 2½ hour surround sound journey through a distopian, fantastical environment. You will be able to watch the DVD play randomly in autoplay mode, or to use the interactive mode and immerse yourself in giant mammoth megabuildings as you control an enigmatic "Pixelman" charactor. (25/08/03)

Front 242's live production (audio visual show) will be put together this summer, but the band won't hit the roads until December 2003. The band will nevertheless appear live in the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) on November 1. 2003, and under the various projects: Male Or Female, Speed Tribe, Red Snipper. Check live section below for details. (23/07/03)

An exclusive mix of the Front 242 track "Matrix", entitled "Matrix MHz" appeared on a CD compilation issued by the German magazine Sonic Seducer (May edition).(23/07/03)

After their successful performance at Eurorock last April, and after the completion of Pulse, Patrick and Daniel will take the road with their friend Elko for a bunch of Male OR Female shows. First confirmed dates are listed below.
In related news, a MORF dvd release is in the pipeline and Art & Strategy is preparing, together with Alfa Matrix, a very very VERY special release for the end of the year... Expect the unexpected!(02/07/03)

Jean-Luc is currently working together with Dominique Lallement and Frederic Sebastien on the new COBALT 60 album. The style will be between Elemental and Twelve, a kind of return to the basics of the band. The interesting part of this is that the album should be entirely sung in French. You can hear an extract "La machine à raconter des histoires" on the Elegy compilation of June/July. There's no official release date for the moment. (18/06/03)

Bruderschaft (the mega-band regrouping members from VNV NATION, ICON OF COIL, APOPTYGMA BERZERK and COVENANT) has received the support of yet another superband: FRONT 242. Patrick Codenys has delivered a stunning remix of the track bringing an extra dimension into the upcoming remix EP "Forever" which will be released on ALFA MATRIX. The release will be available in 2 different formats: a normal CD (80 min) and a limited edition with a bonus CD with another 80 minutes of remix pleasure! (18/06/03)

Patrick Codenys was participating yesterday together with artist Kendell Geers to the performance "Prototype" under the name Red Sniper at Le Centre Pompidou (Beaubourg) in Paris. Working from the strength of their individual discipline and knowledge the concept was to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct images and sounds. (26/04/03) read more

Pulse release dates : 28 April 2003 (Europe, XIII Bis Records) and 06 May 2003 (U.S.A., Metropolis Records). (26/04/03) read more

There will be a second official release party for the new album, in Brussels this time.It is on wednesday 23 April 2003, at 21:00 hours. This bar is near the Grand Place and the address is 55 Rue du Marché au Chardon, or Kolenmarkt 55 (in Flemish). There will be only 300 people allowed to enter, so be first or have the chance to be on the guest-list! (04/04/03)


The new FRONT 242 EP "Still & Raw" was released in France on the 18th of January. The release date for the album "Pulse" is scheduled on the 28th of April, in France too. The band give a lot of details on its work in the interviews. (28/03/03)
Today is the released date for the new Front 242 EP "Still & Raw", and on saturday the 20th of January there is an official release party in Paris for this special release. First the band will be signing their new EP at Gibert Music, and afterward there's a party at the electro club La Locomotive, where you will have the exclusive chance to listen to some extracts of the new album together with the band!! (18/01/03)

After the first Male or Female releases, album: "Recalled moments", and EP : "... and failed desctruction", a new album is now released "Invented scenes". This new album is first released in a 2000 copies limited double CD edition with bonus ambiant CD "Naked". (16/01/03)

The band is currently working in their Art & Strategy Studio in Belgium on the last details of the new album. For distribution, Front 242 have signed a deal with former partner XIII Bis Records in France.
At the Stockholm's Tintitus Festival and Front 242 played new tracks and a cover version of "Tainted Love".
Music mastermind Patrick Codenys is also currently producing material for the project Gaiden.(23/12/02)

Male Or Female will not just remain a studio project ! Morf will be touring in 2003 bringing a special live set with video projection and virtual singers ! As soon as dates get confirmed I'll be posting them online. No news regarding the new F242 album for the moment. (1/11/02)

Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys have chosen the Belgian label Alfa Matrix as label & marketing partner for their new project Male or Female. The "Art & Strategy" label-division will be devoted to all the 242-related release projects on this label. The first MorF album "...recalled moments" and ep "and failed destruction" will be released round September / October 2002. They will both be available in a digipack format. (10/08/02)

The Speed Tribe DVD won a major award at the Los Angeles Digital Video Show, under the Music and Performing Arts category for "General Excellence", which is their best-of-show designation. (10/08/02)

At the Eurorock Fest, Front 242 played a new intro, two new tracks and a cover of Soft Cell's famous Tainted Love. (10/08/02)

Daniel and Patrick are back from the Art & Strategy studio, with a new double-disc audio/visual concept album entitled Speed Tribe, only available on the video label dance. The album is a double-disc DVD/CD set containing 50 minutes of videos in both Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 (their first release in surround sound), 40 minutes of extras, a full length companion CD and Internet downloads. Special DVD features include interactive menus, the ability to switch between videos on the fly, and exclusive interviews. The interesting part is that the Speed Tribe CD is a 65-minute soundtrack CD that contains 24 new tracks. (18/05/02)

Click here to read an interview with Patrick or here with Daniel, regarding the Speed Tribe project.

The Front 242 rants internet fan base has just released a new official tribute album on hush hush records. As the previous one, it is strictly limited to 242 numbered copies. This second edition features one more time brillant remixes made by fans, and fans only, and is entitled re:cover. More info at: www.hushush.com/recover. (18/05/02)

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Live dates

Front 242:

1st Nov. 03: Rio de Janeiro (Br) - Museum of Modern Art

Male or Female:

25th & 26th July: Gent (B) - gentse feesten (+ Red Snipers project of P. Codenys + Speed Tribe)
06th & 07th Sept: Lille (F) - braderie électronique
28th Sept: Bolzano (IT) - transart (+ Red Snipers project of P. Codenys)

Still waiting for final confirmations for shows in Sweden, Greece, Belgium, Japan etc.
and a US tour may take place between 7th and 22nd October. NOTHING SURE YET!