Members of the 242 mailing-list always try to meet each-others at shows, or festivals...

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L'Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (Belgium), February 12th 2000

The French team: JC, me, Guillaume, Laurent, JiMmY and Yvon

Laurent, Karl and Dimitri

DIrk IVEns and me

Alex, Alexandra and Teemu

Henry, Kevin and Becca

Richard and me

Elegy Night @ La Locomotive, Paris (France), October 26th 1999

Yvon, Guillaume, me and JC

Hasselt, Eurorock Festival (Belgium), August 7th 99

Calle, Kai and Yvon

Dimitri, Sam and Marilyne

Jean-Luc D.M. and Sue
Karl and Yvon


Me and Patrick C.

Nandrin (Belgium), September 5th 1998

Dimitri, Philippe, Sam213
Pascal, ?, Kat, and me

Thierry, Lionel, Pascal, Philippe

Marke (Belgium), April 5th 1998

Christophe, Lionel, Sam213, Jimmy and me...!!!

all picts copyright LeoN